Has the first tooth of your baby erupted? If not yet, is this the criteria of kickstarting his dental routine? Absolutely no! The fact is that you need to start a dental routine for your baby as soon as he is born. The method and the steps may not be the same as the adults’ use, but the gums and the teeth need to be cleaned. Along with the tooth and gum, the tongue needs special attention.

What is the oral care before the teeth erupt?

The oral care routine for a baby is quite different. The mouth needs to be cleaned each time thoroughly after the baby has some food or milk. The care includes some easy steps, like taking a damp cloth and wiping his mouth. This is necessary to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, which otherwise can be very harmful to the dental issue. On the same aspect, there are many other things to take care of. The baby must not be put to sleep with his milk bottle and instead have a clean mouth, teeth, and tongue while he sleeps. You don’t need any toothpaste and brush at this stage, as there are no teeth. Moreover, any artificial tool like tongue cleaner is also not required.

If not tongue cleaner, what is the procedure for cleaning the tongue of a baby?

Cleaning the tongue is an essential part of the necessary oral hygiene, but it should be done sincerely for at least two times a day. Moreover, the cleaning must not be carried immediately after feeding them, as it may cause them to spit up. No tool but just a sterilized cotton bud, warm water, and a clean cloth is required for the process.

Below is the detailed procedure:

Wash your hands first: To leave no room for germs and infection, you are advised first to wash your hands and then start the baby’s tongue cleaning process.

Moist the cloth or the cotton bud: You have to choose one between the fabric or the cotton bud and moist the preferred one. If  It’s a cloth, wrap it around your index finger and moisten it slightly by dipping into the warm water.

Hold the baby comfortably: Take the baby in your arms and lie him comfortably in one of your arms. You need another hand for cleaning, so keep it spare. Now ask the baby to open his mouth by gently pulling his lower lip downwards and entering your fingers in.

Clean the tongue: Now, rub the baby’s tongue in a circular motion with the cloth wrapped in a finger or with the cotton buds.

Check for the white thrash: If you are regularly cleaning the baby’s tongue and still find his tongue coated white, take him to the doctor and seek the treatment at the earliest.

Cleaning the baby’s tongue initially can become confusing even with these guidelines. So, the solution is to visit your pediatric dentist and know everything about the practices to keep the baby’s mouth clean and healthy.

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